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Farro is an artist and filmmaker who is currently undertaking an MFA at Monash University of Art, Design and Architecture (MADA). He works across film, 3D media and installation to create immersive, affective screen encounters. The exhibition reflects Farro’s interest in representing and understanding the complex experiences of people of colour living in Australia, drawing on his experience as a second-generation Iranian-Australian.


Where are you from, brother? (2023) is a virtual reality experience set across the span of an UberPool journey. Within the film, cultural conflicts arise between the driver and passengers, who are from Iranian diaspora and Anglo-Australian backgrounds. The film explores the gaps in experience between first and second-generation refugees, and the racist attitudes of many white Australians.

Shah_Mosque_Muqarnas (2023) is an aluminium sculpture that intricately maps the ceiling, or muqarnas, of the historic iwan entryway to the Shah Mosque in Isfahan, Iran. Farro obtained a scan of the structure from an Iranian 3D technician who had publicly uploaded it to Sketch Fab, a shared data pool of 3D models. Here, the artist repurposes the mosque’s muqarnas scan to explore themes of cultural knowledge acquisition, inviting audiences in Australia to engage with a revered landmark in a new and immersive way.


The sculpture was made with assistance from Katie Dunlop and Mitchell Ransome, and support from Christopher Ferris. Design development for Shah_Mosque_Entrance was made in collaboration with Mitchell Pollard. The space also features original field recordings from Isfahan by installation/sound artist Leonie Roessler - the artist also extends thanks to New Media Society in Tehran and Musica Dispersa.


This exhibition has been supported by the City of Melbourne, Regional Arts Victoria, and Creative Victoria, with development by Naveed Farro and Museums Victoria.

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