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Modular Ecology (M.Arch Studio) - Group Project by Naveed Farro, Steve Tran, Melvin Chan and Andrew Rahman.


Our proposal for 599 Swanston street is a 20 story modular apartment building which allows for an abundance of air, light, green communal areas, and look outs for its residents.The majority of the geometrically sound unit shapes allows for an array of configurations which create balcony space extensions for each resident. The final outcome is a set of configurations with an alluring protruding and intruding dynamic for the south facing facade. Alternatively, the north facing facade is designed to mimic standard and efficient towering apartment buildings which creates a twofold stylistic outcome. Driving into the CBD from the north will create the allusion of a flat and simple building, while the west side viewpoint shows a dramatic and fragmented structure. An ample amount of communal areas are placed throughout the building on each floor next to the elevators and stairs, where the residents can partake in permaculture through its planter boxes. On top of this, the communal areas have tables and kitchen amenities for residents to study, eat or converse in. The 17th floor has a large communal area for the residents with a void filling the entire area vertically so as to create uncompromising views and greater sun intake. Ultimately, the timber cladding structure proposes a lifestyle of community, greenery and privacy where necessary


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